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Frustrated because you don’t understand sh***? It’s not your fault. Don’t quit! I’ll share my story with you. After this short read, you will be inspired!

Eleven years ago, I was like you. I was in your steps. I was not humble at all, but university forced me to be. After I graduated from a simple vocational high school in my town as a Data Entry student, I thought I knew it all. After all, I was an honor student, and regular school was easy for me to deal with. Then, I arrived at the university.

I chose to study…

My book: The Great Prophecy, is an attempt to simulate great “prophets” and in turn, ridicule divine power attribution to those who have managed to predict the future. This book serves as evidence that with research and knowledge of particular subjects, divine power is not needed to predict the future. This is a small section of the book before it even get’s published! Let me introduce you to the future religion of humanity.

Worshipping Machines

When religion first came into being, it did because humans — as is their nature — were on the lookout for answers and for something…

Samuel Otero

Software Engineer and author of the book “The Great Prophecy”, Samuel is a .NET guru that specializes in software development.

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